Pusu Button

Pushbutton switches are indispensable for arcade games. Depending on the type of game, they are often subject to fierce barrages and hard pounding, so we offer a selection of high-performance, long-lasting pushbuttons with superior shock resistance.
The OBSF series boasts widespread adoption in arcade games. The OBSF-RG has an even longer lifespan.
The OBSC series is beautifully translucent. The Silent series satisfies the special demands of consumer users.
We provide a variety of other pushbuttons to meet a variety of needs.

OBSF series

This pushbutton series is the top choice (our company) for use in arcade games.
Also used in many consumer controllers, these pushbutton switches are trustworthy and proven.

OBSF-RG series

This is our long-life model with the switch from the OBSF series replaced with a reed switch.
While the OBSF series has a lifespan of one million games, the RG series boasts a lifespan five times longer at five million games.

OBSN series

You should use the OBSN series if you have thick mounting plates.

OBSC series

This is a clear insertable pushbutton.
After repeated prototyping, we have reproduced the same durability and operability as the OBSF series along with a high degree of translucency.

OBSFS Silent series

This is an insertable silent pushbutton.
It utilizes special cushioning to reduce the noise produced when the body and cap bump against each other in conventional buttons.